Quickheal (Sold by the bottle)

Quickheal (Sold by the bottle)

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The all wound around spray.

Quick Heal Wound Spray contains Oxytetracycline and Gentian Violet. It is very effective as routing dressing of wounds and abrasions. It has a fly repellent component to control infection and promote healing of wound.

When to use QUICK HEAL Wound Spray:
• Treatment of wounds after fights
• During dubbing stags
• Bumble Foot
• Abrasions of swine, cattle and horses
• Castration of all pets and domestic animals
• Treatment of navel of newborn animals

1. Clean the wound thoroughly
2. Hold the aerosol 4 inches away from the wound
3. Spray until the wound is completely covered and wet
4. Repeat daily until wounds heals

• Shake well before using
• Avoid inhaling the solution and spraying near the eyes
• Use cotton when treating sensitive areas