Oxyrid (Sold by the bottle)

Oxyrid (Sold by the bottle)

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etrahydro Phenyl Imidazo Thiazole

Do you know that game-fowls have eye-worms? If not properly treated, they may affect the eye or may cause blindness to the fowl. Oxy Rid is the only eye product for game-fowls in the market. It is formulated to prevent and treat eye-worm infestation.

For Prevention and Treatment of the ff:
Eye Worm

Dosage and Administration:

One drop of OXYRID Eye Dewormer per eye of gamefowl
Make it a habit to use OXYRID Eye Dewormer once a month together with ASTIG Premium Dewormer and ZERO MITE Shampoo. During conditioning period, give 1 drop of OXYRID Eye Dewormer per eye 7 days before the fight. 

Heavy Infestation:
Two drops of OXYRID Eye Dewormer per eye and repeat after 2 weeks and maintain usage every month. 

Note: Per 5ml of OXYRID Eye Dewormer contains 80 drops good for 40 cocks/hens